Toby Stark,

our resident expert on all things medical insurance, medicare insurance, life insurance and long term care insurance, talks to us about open enrollment and the ever increasing costs of medical insurance and the new 2018 plans.

The recommendation is to invest in your health as well as your insurance plan by reducing your overall costs and purchasing a high deductible health insurance plan. These plans help offset initial costs of insurance, by taking some responsibility to out of pocket expenses.  Individuals can open a Health Savings Plan with Pre-Tax dollars to save money in order to pay for medical expenses.

If you want to learn more about how you can help yourself and set yourself up for the future  with medical or life insurance, please reach out to Toby!


Toby Stark


Insurance – Life, Health & Disability
Stark Associates Insurance
[email protected]


 Tom Santry, is our resident expert in all things Monmouth County land as a surveyor and engineer and works with businesses and homeowners for land use, land surveying, water rights  and flood elevation certificates.   Tom understands how the waterways work and has the history and experience in Monmouth County to work with waterfront property and large plots of land for commercial construction and use.
If you need a land surveyor or civil engineer, call Tom Santry’s office to schedule an appointment.

Tom Santry


Land Surveying/Engineering
Thomas P Santry PA
[email protected]

LeTip of Red Bank,  is  a professional organization of men and women dedicated to the highest standard of professional integrity and helping other members grow their individual businesses. We meet each week at Shapiro’s for a breakfast, networking and education.  If you are interested in joining us, please email the membership chair, Michael Strycharz at [email protected]

5 Reasons to Join Letip

  • LeTip membership puts “Dollars in your pocket!™”
  • LeTip members learn to be better public speakers
  • LeTip is a family and members are loyal to one another
  • LeTip members have a reliable source of business professionals to recommend to clients, family and friends
  • LeTip stimulates the “Feel Good Factor” that great feeling we get in our hearts when we help another towards success