Joseph Tote


JMT Builders, Inc. is a General Contracting Company that was founded in 1996. It is owned and operated by Joe Tote and Mark Tenenbaum, who have over 45 years of combined experience in Commercial and Residential construction.

JMT has all the necessary insurance and licenses required by the State of New Jersey and JMT requires all of our subcontractors to carry the same.

First, we are reliable in that JMT and its subcontractors show up as scheduled and on time. All work is performed in a neat and timely manner. We can be reached at any time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have during the construction process. You will have at your ready over 45 years of experience to aid in design solutions and aesthetics, custom tailored for your unique circumstances. You will have the peace of mind that after the job is completed, JMT will warranty its workmanship. We are proud of our reputation and our reliability.

Second, we are a reputable company in that we are respected by our past customers, architects and fellow competitors. Respect in this business cannot be earned easily. It requires years of dedication and honesty with customers and fellow workers. All of our team and suppliers have a common goal of superior job quality and customer satisfaction.