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About Letip

LeTip International is the world’s largest, privately owned, professional business leads organization. Since 1978, LeTip programs have helped over 50,000 members, throughout the United States and Canada, build business success through personal referrals. LeTip’s structure set the standard in the word-of-mouth referral industry. Members are known for their professionalism, dedication, and loyalty to one another, and to the LeTip Program.

LeTip of Red Bank meets each Thursday morning at Gaetano’s in Red Bank to exchange qualified leads, build solid business relationships, develop strong presentation skills and become proficient networkers. Only one representative of any given profession is accepted into our chapter, and members are chosen for their occupational expertise.

At LeTip of Red Bank, we work tirelessly to foster business relationships and lead generation to help our members grow their business. It is perhaps the most intensive networking you will experience and often leads to business almost instantly.

Why Join Letip

  • Exchange valuable business leads. Members work to become your sales force.
  • Members provide access to clients you would not otherwise be able to contact.
  • You will be able to display your product or service on a regular basis.
  • No conflicts of interest are allowed. Your competition can’t join once you’ve joined.
  • Meetings begin at 7:16 a.m. sharp and conclude by 8:31 a.m. sharp. They are brief and to the point. You will find this to be among your most productive and lucrative 75 minutes of your week!
  • The format LeTip International, Inc. has developed over the past 20 years works!

We invite you to attend the next LeTip of Red Bank meeting if you are interested in growing your business through quality leads and referrals. The LeTip business networking system sets LeTip apart from other leads groups. Come see for yourself!

Please be our guest if your business category is not already represented in our chapter.

Arrive between 6:45–7:00 a.m. to network before the formal meeting starts promptly at 7:16 a.m.

Bring 20-30 business cards and be prepared to give a 30 second commercial on how we can best tip you!

Mike Strycharz, Membership Chair